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Sexual Violence Policy Consultations

From October to December, 35 consultations were undertaken by the Working Group with community groups across campus, with students, staff, and faculty including three public consultations, representing over 60 hours of consultations.

The consultations have produced excellent recommendations from the community with respect to the policy, the support services and accommodations available to survivors, as well as how best to approach training, education, and communications. These recommendations and comments have helped form the final draft policy.

While the Working Group is widely representative of the community, with over 20 members, half of whom represent student organizations, it was very important that as many people as possible had the chance to voice their comments, questions, and suggestions.

These community consultations allowed representatives of the Working Group to meet face-to-face with just under 600 students, faculty, and staff.  As well, a confidential on line form was available for submissions, with approximately 40 received. We have incorporated many of our Community suggestions and recommendations into the final draft policy.

On December 14, 2016 York University’s Board of Governors Approved the Sexual Violence Policy.

In January, the formal release of York’s new Sexual Violence Policy will be accompanied by a number of key commitments to ensure effective implementation of the policy. These commitments will reflect community input throughout the consultation process.

For a full list of the Community Consultations, please see below:

Sexual Violence Policy Consultations

Providing Ongoing Input on Policy and Process


If you would like to provide input on the response process to sexual violence and/or related services, please email svro@yorku.ca. If meeting in person would be preferred this can be arranged. Feedback can be held in confidence.